How to keep yourself fit in this rainy season…???

Ayurveda the ancient divine Indian medicine system has its primary motive to keep person always mentally physically and socially fit. Hence it is rightly said that…
‘स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणम’
And to achieve this motive many means and ways are mentioned in holy books of ayurveda. One of its mean is a concept known as ‘Rutucharya.’
It is believed that there are in all six rutus in the Indian subcontinent. Each rutus has its geological characteristic fetchers. As per the climatic conditions they are categorized as Hemant, Shishir, Vasant, Grishma, Varsha & Sharad.

Hence after consideration of a climatic change in environment what should be followed in our routine practice, how food habits should be changed and how behavior should be changed as per the climatic change is righty mentioned in ‘Rutucharya.’

Not only do’s and don’ts but as we all know in Indian subcontinent weather is really very uncertain hence after giving the standard months for a particular rutu the characteristics of a rutu and all identification marks of a given rutu is also explained in the text of ayurveda.
This is the greatness and farsightedness of a Indian ancient science.

Right now as it is is a rainy season hence we will discuss about ‘varsha Rutucharya.’While explaining about it let me clear one thing that I am explaining this rutucharya in today’s modern context hence let me have a liberty to modify a little as per today’s needs.

To start with lets see the period of varsha rutu, Shravan And Bhadrapad are the two months as per the Indian way of time reckoning. We can consider varsha rutu in july to September.
As there is ‘Grishma Rutu’ before ‘Varsha Rutu’ and there is heavy rain in Varsha rutu hence as per climatic change from high temperature to cold humid environment the Dosha which increases is ‘Vata Dosha’. Hence all do’s and don’ts explained are in consideration of Vat prakop.

Panchkarma advised in varsha Rutu are:-
1) Basti
2) Snehan
3) Swedan
These panchkarma detoxifies body according to their characteristic properties and keeps a person mentally, physically, and spiritually fit.

What one should avoid in rainy season (Varsha Rutu):-
1) Avoid excessive stress physical as well as mental.
2) Avoid going out in heavy rains.
3) Avoid eating outside food, junk food etc…
4) Avoid eating food which increases vat dosha such as bitter taste food items, methi leafs, potato, bread, products made up with maida etc…
5) Avoid eating heavy to digest food.
6) Avoid sleeping at daytime.
7) Avoid plenty of liquid diet.
8) Avoid starvation, fast etc…
What one should follow in rainy season (Varsha Rutu):-
1) Eat healthy food at regular interval with consideration of your appetite.
2) Be in a warm environment
3) Do eat ghee & foodstuff made up with ghee.
4) Do abhyangam (massage with warm oil to whole body) daily.
5) Drink hygienic water either filtered or boiled water.
6) Do advised panchkarma under proper medical guidance.
7) Now a days one should also take a tetanus vaccine


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