What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda :-आयुशो वेदाः आयुवेद:|Ayurved = Ayu (Life) + Veda (Knowledge).It is the science which explains about life. It is not just a medical science but a science of life. It is a Devine science which explains how to live and enjoy healthy life. It is a oldest serving science. Its origin is about 5000 to 6000 year back. According to Indian mythology it is said that Ayurveda is an upaveda of Athrvaveda.The basic principle and the motive behind the development of this science is to make people live longer and healthy physically and Mentally as well. And if someone fell ill then help him to regain his health back.


What is Pachakarma?

Panchkarma:-The five proedures which are predominantly used for the detoxification are collectively called as Panchkarma.Panchkarma = Panch (Five) + Karma(Proceure)We can treat almost all diseases with the help of Panchkarma but Panchkarma can also help us to prevent diseases by detoxifying our body with maintaining ‘samyak doshasthiti.’


How the treatment is done at ShreeAyurved and Panchakarma?

We here at shree ayurved and panchkarma chikitsalaya, treat our patient with best of our knowledge and committed efforts. We have a best treatment plan for our patients.

1) At very first movement as new patient arrives he is registered in our unique software at a nominal charge.

2) then throw consultation and case taking is done by our expert doctors.

3) as per the conclusion of consultation and diagnosis medicinal treatment is advised.

4) if panchkarmas are required then advised accordingly.

5) panchkarmas are conducted by our very well trained staff under supervision of doctor.

6) Then as per requirements follow-ups are advised.

We have very unique packages for our patients to get them reed of their sufferings with a very reasonable cost.


Is there Any Side Effect?

Is there Any Side Effect?
There are definitely no side effects as such.


Is it more time consuming?

Time required for treatment depends upon the disease of a patient. If patient comes with a chronic illness then the duration of a treatment may be long.

But by doing panchkarama we can shorten the duration of a treatment.

For panchkarma one has to spend 1 hour per day for 8 – 10days contiously. Or as per the requirement of the package advised.


Is it Expensive?

It is not expensive, we at shree Ayurved And Panchkarma Chikitsalaya always try to minimize the expense of patients as far as possible. For this we provide all in-house medicinal preparation at reasonable rates.

We advise any investigation or a procedure if it is very much required.

We do believe in medical ethics.


How can I pay?

There are three options available to pay fees.

1) By Cash

2) By Credit/Debit Card of any bank with Master card/visa/mastero/rupyee.

3) by cheque.

very soon we are going to start online payment facility and home delivery of medicines.


Is it reliable?

Yes it is very much reliable, treatment in shree ayurved and panchkarma is based on ancient Indian system of medicine called ayurvedic medicine and as it is a time tested system of medicine it is most reliable and has no side effects