Ayurvedic Garbhasanskar


                    We promote and believe in Ayurvedic Garbahsanskar which helps especially mother to enjoy healthy motherhood & child to grow healthy, intelligent, active. Garbhasanskar is a methods which are practiced from many generations to have a healthy child and a healthy motherhood. Hence we can surely say that it is a time tested formula we can trust upon. It is a complete pregnancy care guideline to get a divine child. It is these nine months decisive period when maximum efforts are to be taken for betterment of the offspring. Today science has proved that the unborn baby can not only listen, feel but respond by its own way. 60 % of brain development occurs in intrauterine period. Garbhasanskar means developing a civilized, cultured, decorative, purified impressible, sensitive but still physically, mentally spiritually, emotionally stable population.

Benefits of Garbhasanskar in Shree Ayurved

                    About mother:- It assures a pregnancy without complications, helps to have a normal delivery, good quantitative as well as qualitative lactation after delivery, obvious maintenance of health during pregnancy and lactation.
                        About Child:- maintenance of health of a fetus throughout pregnancy, assurance of good mental, physical, Spiritual, emotional development, avoids congenital diseases, reduces the possibility of a neonatal jaundice, skin of a child becomes fair and glows, eyes of a child becomes healthy and beautiful, Improves the immunity of a child hence child does not fell ill often, grasping and reasoning power of a child becomes remarkably strong.
We here at Shree Ayurved And Panchkarma Chikitsalaya promote a ‘Medicinal Garbhasanskar.’ But simultaneously we do take care of a spiritual and mental health of a couple willing to conceive. Proper diet and exercise are also advised. Lets discuss the concept of garbhasanskar in brif for better understanding. As for a good cultivation of a farm four things are very much required both qualitatively as well as quantitatively,
Those are :-
  • Ritu (ऋतु) (Proper Period in which crop should be grown)
  • Kshetra(क्षेत्र) ( Farm or Fild)
  • Ambu (अम्बु ) (water)
  • Bija (बीज ) ( Seed)
It is a proper fertile period of a female, which is considered to be 10 th to 20 th day from the first day of her menstrual cycle. But it is also necessary that both partners are also mentally prepared for the conception in those days. There is also another consideration of a concept Ritu, that is a healthy hormonal level of a female hence there should be a proper cyclical menstrual activity in a female then it is
considered that ritu is proper.
it is the Uterus of the female. It should be well developed and healthy.
It is the nutritional source of a child in the womb, as per the ayurvedic considerations it is a Aahar Ras or a Rasa Dhatu of a mother.
These are ‘Sperm’ of a Male partner and a ‘Ovum’ of a female Partner.

Benefits of Garbhasanskar in Shree Ayurved

                    Hence for a good development of a fetus above mentioned four things are very much required both qualitatively as well as quantitatively. And to achieve this we advise for a ‘Medicinal Garbhasanskar’.
Which include :-
1) Consulting and counseling of both the partners.
2) Detoxification of both the partners with help of panchkarma.
3) Medical correction of any health issues if there.
4) Proper Diet.
5) Proper exercise.
                    Before explaining further about garbhasanskar at Shree AyurvedAnd Panchkarma Chikitsalay let me tell you the best and most important point of Garbhasanskar is Garbhasanskar starts from the point when a couple decides to have a child and starts to take active efforts for conception. Hence it is advised to have a consulting with the doctor before conception.

‘Pregnancy Should be by choice and not by chance’

                    But never the less if a women is pregnant and want to have garbhasanskar then she can start at any stage. But starting garbhasanskar early gives best results. Now after explaining this for better understanding of Medicinal Garbhasanskar at shree ayurved and panchkarma let me divide the course of ‘Medicinal Garbhasanskar’ in three major steeps :-
1) Before Conception.
2) During Pregnancy (Ante Natal Care).
3) After Delivery (Post Natal Care).
When the couple has underwent these all procedures then they become mentally physically and spiritually ready for conception and hence a probability of conceiving a civilized, cultured, decorative, purified impressible, sensitive but still physically, mentally spiritually, emotionally stable child becomes very high.
During Pregnancy (Ante Natal Care):- This stage is commonly called as A.N.C. . Due to some reasons if couple wants to start garbhasanskar after conception then they can start it as well. Starting garbhasanskar as early as possible gives best results. In this phase of Medicinal Garbhasanskar at Shree Ayurved And Panchkarma Chikitsalaya we perform Following things :-
A) Detail Consulting and counseling is always necessary.
B) Different medicinal combination for every month is advised.
C) Oils for local application are advised to avoid stretch Marks.
D) Panchkarma Matra Basti is done after completion of 9 months to have a normal delivery without
E) Diet And exercise are advised.
This phase of Medicinal Garbhasanskar ensures the proper Physical Mental and Spiritual development of a child. As well as a good nourishment of a mother & Child. This phase and more importantly matra-basti done after completion of 9 th month facilitates the uncomplicated normal birth.
After Delivery (Post Natal Care):- This stage is commonly called as P.N.C. It is also a very important phase in Medicinal Garbhasanskar. In this stage we focus on following things.
A) Care of a Mother :-
     a) Oral medication.
     b) Local application of oil.
     c) Diet.
This helps for regaining lost energy during parturition, facilitating the lactation, and assuring good health to mother. Just keep in mind that a newborn is completely dependant on mother for food and nourishment in first few months of his life hence this phase is very important.
B) Care of a Baby:-
     a) Detail Physical Examination.
     b) Medication like Balguti and Suvarnaprash are advised..
     c) Local Application of oil.
This helps in development and nourishment of child. This is how Medicinal Garbhasanskar are done at Shree Ayurved And Panchkarma Chiikitsalaya. Do take benefit of it.