Special Relaxation Package Only 1100/-

Cost Of a Package:- Rs. 1100/- Only.  

‘If you pay for 10 sittings at once then you get 1 sitting complimentry free…’

Time Required :- 1 hour and 15 mins.

Package includes:-

Snehan(massage) Swedan (Steam), Shirodhara ( procedurefor Mental relaxation)

Contact No:- 9967515991 / 022-66098148.

Benefits of it are as follows:-

1)Snehan i.e. body massage relaxes your body, it improves blood circulation through your mussels, it is a passive exercise, it strengthens your muscles bone and ligaments if you are taking massage at a given regular intervals.

2) Swedan i.e. body steam also relaxes your body, it does peripheral vaso-dilatation hence improves blood circulation, it opens your sweat glands pores, it improves homeostasis mechanism, it is a passive exercise, it glows your skin.

3)Shirodhara i.e. a therapeutic procedure in which a ‘Kadha’ i.e. medicated water, is pored Over forehead for general relaxation. It is a very good treatment for psychosomatic disorders, insomnia, and general relaxation.

Terms And Conditions:-

1) Prior Appointment is Mandatory.

2) No Cross massage available.

3) This offer cannot be combined with other ongoing offer.


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