How to Avoid Migraine
Best Practices to Avoid Migraine

We have A very unique Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine in Shree Ayurved And Panchkarma Chikitsalaya.

Migraine is a Disease whose main Symptom is Headache. It may be persistent. Usually it is around 2 to 12 hours of pain. Headache may be full head or a Half Sided pain. There may be Sensitivity to light or Sound.

While Treating Migraine We Do:-

  • Consultation :- A detailed Case taking is Done. Necessary investigations are advised.
  • Medicinal treatment :- After Consultation as per Ayurvedic diagnosis medicines are advised.
  • Panchkarma :- Two Panchkarmas Are done as per patients Requirement.
  1. Virechan
  2. Nassya

By proper Ayurvedic treatment migraine can be treated successfully.

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