• Iogen a good tonic for all age group
  • It is Specially used in Anaemic conditions.
  • Safely Used in Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Very Good Tonic For Women and men as well.
  • It is good tonic for generalized weakness.
  • You can safely buy this product to increase your hemoglobin Levels.
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  • Iogen a good tonic for all age group
  • This is Proprietary medicine by kerala Ayurveda Pvt Ltd.
  • It ¬†is generally used in anaemic conditions¬† and to increase blood count and its components, in ayurvedia it is good rakta dhatvagni vruddhikar and raktaposhak.
  • It is also used in pregnancy and lactation for asisting growth of child.
  • It can be taken as a general tonic and immunomodulator by any age group of patients.
  • This medicine Contains:-
    • Bilva
    • Shatavari
    • Shwet Sariva
    • Draksha
    • Khadira
    • Aamalki
    • Laksha
  • price of medicine is inclusive of postage and handling charges.



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