Kesini Oil



  • This oil is Specially Used in Hair Fall Treatment.
  • This oil is also facilitate Hair Growth.
  • Strengthens Hair roots.
  • Used in treatment of Dandruff.
  • Best oil for hair treatment.
  • Can Be Locally applied on Scalp and hairs every night for better resuts.
  • Hairs to be washed with poshak shampoo in morning.
  • More Details Contact us on 022 66098148


This is medicated oil prepared by kerala Ayurveda Pvt Ltd.

This oil is for all types of hair related problems. And nourishment of hairs and Scalp.

This is one of the best products.

This oil is for local Application over Scalp and Hair.

Apply to Scalp with gentle Circular motion. for best results apply before  bath and leave it on scalp for at least 20 mins

This oil is a pure herbal preparation.

  1. Neeli
  2. Karmaranga
  3. Japakusum
  4. Sprikka
  5. Amla
  6. Ketaki
  7. Aragwadi
  8. Daruharidra
  9. Kasisa
  10. Tuvari
  11. Shankha Bhasmam
  12. Narikel tailam
  13. Eranda Tailam

Are main ingredients of This Oil.

This Oil is Best if used with our Hair Wash Kit, Poshak Shampoo, Trichap,



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