Poshak Shampoo


  1. This Shampoo is Specially Used in Hair Fall Treatment.
  2. This Shampoo also facilitate Hair Growth.
  3. Strengthens Hair roots.
  4. Used in treatment of Dandruff.
  5. Best Shampoo for hair treatment.
  6. Before hair wash with this shampoo it is advisable to apply Kesini oil over scalp and Hairs.
  7. More Details Contact uson 022 66098148, 9967515991
  8. Or Consult our Doctor.
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This is medicated shampoo  for Private circulation. It is a best ayurvedic shampoo for hair growth

This shampoo is for all types of hair related problems. And nourishment of hairs and Scalp.

This is one of the best products.

This shampoo is for local Application over Hair for Hair wash.

This shampoo is a pure herbal preparation.

this medicines are for private circulation Only.

it is available only to our registered patients. to whom Doctor has prescribed the medicine after        careful personal examination.

so please order / purchase this medicine only if it is prescribed to you. otherwise we wont be able to deliver it to you. and your money will be refunded back after deduction of applicable taxes.

Price of medicine is inclusive of postage and Handling charges.



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