It is the procedure of blood-letting. In this procedure we take out the impure blood due to which a person is suffering from a disease. Hence this procedure detoxifies ‘raktadhatu’ ( Blood). It is really very helpful & effective procedure though it sounds very primitive. Not more than 10 to 50 ml blood is taken out at one sitting. Sharad rutu (i.e. period between September to November) is a classical period for detoxification of your body through raktamokshan.
Raktamokshana can be used in the treatment of following diseases:-All types of Skin diseases, Psoriasis, liken planes, leukoderma, Hyperlipidemia, Heart Disease, Acne, Gout, Obesity, vertigo, Herpes Infections, General Detoxification etc…

Procedure details:-

Pre-procedure:- it includes a ‘Aabhyantar Snehapan’ (taking Ghee or oil orally). Amount of snehapan defers patient to patient. At times whole body massage may also be required.

Procedure :- According to ancient ayurvedic practices raktamokshana can be done by four ways:-

A) Siravedh

B) Jalaukavachaan

C) Shrunga

D) Alabu

Now a days in practice we follow first two ways of raktamokshana i.e. Siravedh & Jalaukavacharana

Siravedh:- in this way we take out the venous blood from blood stream with the help of scalp vein set. We can take out 100 – 150ml of blood at a single sitting without having any side effects.

Jalaukavacharan:- in this procedure we apply a jalauka {Leech ( a type of helpful organism which sucks impure blood)}. It sucks impure blood and also reestablishes a good blood supply in the area of application.

After – Procedure:- No major after procedure is involved in this type of Panchkarma. Only dressing is done.

At least 1 sitting of 1 hour



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