Migraine (Shirashool / शिरशूल )

Migraine A Type Of Headache In this problem chief complaint is of headache. Headache could be of various types. As per the dosha-dusti there could be an association of other symptoms as well. Treatment:- we at Shree Ayurved and Panchkarma chikitsalaya can offer Best Ayurvedic treatment For Migraine We here at Shree Ayurved And Panchkarma Chikitsalaya, at  first do a thorough consulting and case taking, after that if required other necessary pathological or radiological investigations are done. Medicinal Treatment:- There are several medicines are available for migraine. As per the dosha-dusti and association of other symptoms medicines are prescribed. Panchkarma :- There are commonly two panchkarmas advised in migraine. Virechan Nassya Diet :- there is a exact diet plan for migraine and one should follow the given diet to avoid recurrence of migraine attacks. please see some of medicines listed below. Feel Free to Contact Us On 02266098148 , 9967515991. Migraine A Type Of Headache

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