Ayurveda & Panchkarma

Ayurveda :-

आयुशो वेदाः आयुवेद:|

Ayurved = Ayu (Life) + Veda (Knowledge).

It is the science which explains about life. It is not just a medical science but a science of life. It is a Devine science which explains how to live and enjoy healthy life. It is a oldest serving science. Its origin is about 5000 to 6000 year back. According to Indian mythology it is said that Ayurveda is an upaveda of Athrvaveda.The basic principle and the motive behind the development of this science is to make people live longer and healthy physically and Mentally as well. And if someone fell ill then help him to regain his health back.

According to ayurvedic physiology our body is made up of saptadhatus those are Rasadhatu, Raktadhatu, Mansadhatu, Medadhatu, Asthidhatu, Majjadhatu, & Shukradhatu.And our body metabolism (Karyavyapar) is getting managed by Tridoshas those are Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Our organ-system is govern and maintained by these tridoshas when they are in a sound condition but when these doshas get disturbed then we fall ill.

As for each and every disease through which we suffer doshas are responsible. It is necessary to maintain the definite concentration & position of doshas. Hence each and every medicine or a therapeutic procedure in this ayurvedic system of medicine is working on these doshas and tries to maintain them in a desired sound condition which is termed as ‘samyak doshasthiti’.


The five proedures which are predominantly used for the detoxification are collectively called as Panchkarma.
Panchkarma = Panch (Five) + Karma(Proceure)

We can treat almost all diseases with the help of Panchkarma but Panchkarma can also help us to prevent diseases by detoxifying our body with maintaining ‘samyak doshasthiti.’ This miraculous characteristic feature makes Panchkarma a most unique, reliable & effective treatment procedure. Even each and every person who is healthy or ill should undergo Panchkarma treatment every year as per the appropriate season and with the doctors advice to maintain his mental and physical health.